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    Mandy was born in middle Tennessee along the Alabama border, an area rich in history & storytelling. From the time she could talk, Mandy loved nothing more than telling stories which naturally progressed into her love of writing. At a young age she was lucky enough to have the privilege of meeting the late, great author, Gregory Mcdonald whose inspiration & influence she carries with her to this day.
     Mandy is a proud mother of four who resides in Virginia with her husband, Michael Moore, & their family of fur-babies.
     We could continue to tell you more about Mandy, but she would rather tell you herself so head over to the About Mandy 

page to learn more in her own words.

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    Like great music? So do I!! That's why I have decided to add the music of some of my favorite artists to some of the site's pages. You can hear music written & preformed by Scott Grimes. One of my favorites is Hide, however, I have a particular fondness for Corner Pub. The reason for that fondness will become apparent very soon. ;) You can also hear a few other artists including my own son, Chris!! :) I will switch songs on the players every so often to be sure you can enjoy a new musical experience while you browse. Be sure to check Scott out on Twitter & Facebook. Also, Scott's albums are available on Itunes.
    Scott Grimes

    (If you prefer to browse in peaceful silence, I get that too. Simply hit the stop button on the players located on this page or on the Shop Now page.)

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